The FLIR CITY - Public Safety Ecosystem

Public Safety

FLIR CITY Solutions

The FLIR CITY is an eco-system of Smart City solutions, consolidating products and technologies from its three Business Units, focusing on situational awareness and data-driven operations in the public safety space. Our Smart City solutions include fixed, mobile and portable sensing devices, allowing to rapidly shape and customize user-specific applications utilizing a central cloud as the core management platform.

From roads and intersections to streets, buildings and public spaces, the FLIR smart sensing solutions are essential elements within Smart City public safety operations.

FLIR CITY Connectivity

Enabled through sensor connectivity, city operators and first-responders can now share data and detect incidents as they occur, generate the bigger picture and operate jointly and more efficiently.

Thanks to the dynamics and scalability of the FLIR Cloud, FLIR CITY solutions can be tailored to address specific needs and operate seamlessly within any city-level operation and management platform and associated interfaces.

Making Cities Safer

The FLIR City public safety ecosystem is built around three primary objectives:

  • Securing the people and the public space.
  • Protecting road users – pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists.
  • Handling safety incidents with smarter tools.

We specialize in different types of sensors, including smart traffic sensors, hazardous material detection sensors, security and video surveillance cameras, firefighter devices that can measure temperature and see through smoke, sensors that can detect vitals and are used for save & rescue missions and more.

In addition to fix position assets such as traffic sensors deployed in intersections, FLIR offers a wide range of sensor solutions including handheld, wearable, aerial (drone) and ground vehicle enabled systems.


Central Security System for Global Event Handling


Integrated Multi-Gas Detector for Unmanned Aerial System

ITS-Series Dual AID
ITS-Series Dual AID

Dual-vision camera for Automatic Incident Detection